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Professional Support for Your Website

Key protections and services to make and expand your blog, website, or business


What's Included in Your Care Plan

We Monitor, Protect, and Backup your Website

We back up your website every day, handle all the code updates, and monitor for suspicious activity. You can focus on other things, knowing you don’t have to worry about your website.

No More Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Websites are confusing, no doubt about it. With the Fluffy Website Care Plan, you won’t have to worry about hosting, domains, or weird error messages. And if anything pops up that you don’t understand, we love helping you understand what you need to know to make the most of your website.

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Get a Clean Bill of Health

WordPress uses the “Site Health” widget on your Dashboard, to alert you to major and minor issues with your site. Many are technical and time consuming to fix. Never worry about it again, because we’ll take care of it.

Real Human Tech Support

Have a question about your website? WordPress is great, but there’s no one to call if something goes awry. We love helping you save time, and get you the answer you need. Ask any question, even if it isn’t part of our Care Plan, and we’ll be there to answer.

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Also Included

Stop using your personal email, and present a professional image with a branded email address, like [email protected] If you don’t have email with your current hosting company, add hosting to your Care Plan at the bottom of the page, and we’ll get you all set up.

Having a fast and phone-friendly website is a must nowadays. We’ll help you make the right decisions to ensure your website works for everyone, and loads as fast as possible.

Every month, we’ll send you a detailed report on what work we performed on your website, and how much webiste traffic you’re getting. You will always know how your website is doing, so you stay in control.

We’ll help you choose from the thousands of free themes available on WordPress. Build an online store, or get donations for your cause. With drag-and-drop website builders, you can make a professional website in minutes, without any coding.

One thing we don’t include, is our branding anywhere your visitors can see. You have complete control of your website, full access, and unlimited users. Your visitors won’t even know we’re there (unless you tell them, of course).


Need Even More Help?
We Do That Too

Want extra help with your website? Website Shepherd can help with all website tasks, from formatting your blog post, to reconfiguring your core theme. Or we can even train you with one-on-one tutorials. Reach out with your project details.

Need a New Website?

If you want to make a new website, our Lift Website Starter Pack has you covered. Sign up for the Lift Pack and our care plan and get 50% off (that’s at least $200!).

What's NOT Included

The Fluffy Website Care Plan is perfect for people who already have a WordPress website, but don’t have the time or expertise to take care of it.

  • Web design and development are not included. For example, if you website suddenly stops working, we’ll fix that, no problem. But, if you want to change the color pallet of your website, that is not included, but we’ll happily show you how to do it yourself.
  • Content editing is not included. This includes adding new pages, changing wording, managing blogposts, etc. For those kinds of changes, check out our easy-to-use Wooly Passport program.
  • Anything not listed on this page, is not included.
If you need more from your website than the Fluffy Website Care Plan, please reach out for a free quote.
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Powerful Tools, Right Out of the Box

WordPress comes with an astounding number of free tools to grow your business or website. We’ll get you started fast by pre-installing key features that meet your individual needs.

No-Worries Hosting

Every website needs hosting, but not all hosting is the same. Avoid the marketing hype and surprise charges with Website Shepherd’s no-fuss, managed hosting. We’ll make sure your website shows up fast, and fight off the hackers. We’ll even deal with the SSL certificate, and DNS management, because that’s stuff’s important and complicated! Just add the hosting option at the bottom of this page.

Website Shepherd hosting is optional, and you can use your own hosting if that sounds more fun.

Tools for Growth

Save time and effort, and start growing your website fast with the Care Plan free tools that take your website from home-made, to slick and professional.

These tools are free, but there may be additional costs if you want help setting them up.

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Use the industry leading eCommerce platform to securely take credit cards online for products, services, or donations.

Contact Forms

Make beautiful forms for capturing emails, even registration, and even payments, without any coding.

Drag-n-Drop Website Maker

No coding? No problem? Build your website with blocks, customize fonts and colors, using cusomtizable templates.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Ensure your website looks great on screens of all sizes, without hiring a developer.

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Fluffy Website Care Plan​

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Booster Pack

Add optional hosting to your website to unlock enhanced security, speed, and a free domain name

Fluffy Website Care Plan

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Critical protection and support to launch or expand your website, business, or blog, plus reliable and easy-to-use hosting with support from real people.