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Every WordPress Website Care Plan comes with a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee. You can change or cancel your plan at any time.

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Custom Domain Name
 A domain name (like is your brand online. Pick any available regularly priced domain name with an annual plan, and we'll set everything up for you, free.
Website Hosting
 Hosting is where your website lives. Every website needs it, and ours comes with tons of storage, and well even move your WordPress website from your old host for free. Includes free SSL certificate and activation.
Custom Email Address
 Stop using your personal email, and present a professional image with a branded email address, like [email protected]
Daily Backups
 Backing up your website is the most important thing you can do for it. Websites can get hacked, or you might accidentally take the website offline. A backup means you can rest easy knowing you have a plan.
Professional Website Recovery
 Imagine this: your website goes down. But wait! You have a backup! Now what? Unless you are familiar with FTP and MySQL databases, it can be a struggle to restore a backup, especially when you can’t even log in to WordPress! We take care of the whole backup restoration process.
Friendly "How-to" Support
 Making a website can be complicated. If you have any question on how to use WordPress or a plugin, we'll be here to point you in the right direction.
Weekly Code Updates
 Your website is evolving, even if you don't make any changes. Once a week, we will carfeully update WordPress itself, your plugins, and themes, if needed. We use our FluffyUpdate™ technology, which ensures your updates will never cause your website to crash, unlike the regular auto-update.
Monthly Status Reports
 Every month, we’ll send you a detailed report on what work we performed on your website, and how much webiste traffic you're getting. You will always know how your website is doing, so you stay in control.
eCommerce, Blogs, and More
 Choose from the thousdands of free themes available on WordPress. Build and online store, or get donations for your cause. With drag-and-drop website builders, you can make a professional website in minutes, without any coding.
No Ads
 One thing we don't include, is our branding anywhere on your website. You have complete control, full access, and unlimited users. Your visitors won't even know we're there (unless you tell them, of course).
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Everything from Essentials Plan
 Everything from the Essentials plan are included in this plan, plus so much more. And we update every day, keeping your website fast and secure.
Fix All "Site Health" Issues
 WordPress uses the Site Health widget on the Dashboard, to alert you to major and minor issues with your site. Never worry about it again, because we'll take care of it.
Downtime Detection
 If your website went down right now, would you be the first to know? With our advanced detection software, we will tell you right away if there is a problem connecting to your website, so you don’t lose any visitors.
Monthly SEO Report
 Included in your monthly maintenance report from us, we will also give you analytical insight into the traffic on your website. Find out how your website is ranking on certain keywords, and compared to your competitors.
Advanced Website Analytics
 Get an in depth view of your website: how visitors are finding you, what they’re clicking, when they are leaving, and so much more, built right into your dashboard.
Spam & Virus Blocking
  Using a proprietary plugin, we will create a custom security configuration that allows legitimate visitors to visit and interact with your website, while blocking spam and malicious viruses.
Professional Security Hardening
 We will perform a one-time security audit and hardening of your website. These changes are considered standard practice for WordPress security, and will make your website less prone to hackers, viruses, and spam.
24/7 Security Alerts
 Get notified if there is any unusual behavior happing on your website.
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Everything from Other Plans
 All services from the Essentials and Professional plan are included, plus everything below.
Mobile Device Optimization
 Most web browsing is happening on phones and tablets. Ensure your website out performs the rest, increasing conversions and customer satisfaction.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
 Hundreds of computer servers around the globe, each have a copy of your website. Wherever your visitor is, they get the closest server, loading your website faster, much faster.
Page Speed Performance Alerts
 Every millisecond counts. The science is clear: slow websites lose visitors. Every day, we'll scan your website. If there are serious page speed problems, we’ll email you right away.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
 A WAF works the same way as the firewall on your computer: it keeps out the bad guys, but let's in the good. Block hackers, spam, and phishing, and keep you and your customers safe.
Speed Boost
 Utilizing a global network of computers, advanced always on cloud computing, your website is delivered fast. Really fast. Some clients get a 3x speed boost!
Image Loading Optimization
 Using cutting edge lossless image compression technology, your visitors will get small image files, that looks exactly the same. This speeds up your website and page rank.
Daily Broken Link Scan
 A broken link is a link that looks like it’s working, but it isn’t. That translates to frustrated visitors. Every day, we will scan your website for any broken links, sending you a notification of the bad link, so you can fix it before you lose visitors.
DDoS Shield
 Protect your website from hackers attempting Distributed Denial of Service attacks, by blocking them before they start. This ensures your website stays online.
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Which Plan is Right for Me?

If you’re unsure which plan to choose, think about it this way: What type of website owner are you?

Informational Website

Your website mostly stays the same, with only occasional updates. Maybe you make a blog post sporadically, but otherwise, your content is there to be read and archived.

The plan for you: Essentials

Independent Professional

You use your website as your portfolio, or as a way to get clients. You might have an eCommerce site, selling directly to customers. Your website is important, but you're not a big business (yet!).

The plan for you: Professional

Growing Business

You have an established business, and your website is at its core. You're looking to expand your reach online, and need to leverage cutting-edge technology to grow your brand.

The plan for you: Business

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