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When to Create a Wedding Website

Oh, boy, a wedding is a lot of work. No matter how small your guest list, it will be a tough road. When planning it out, you need to decide when to create a wedding website. In this post, we cover when and why to make a wedding website to make your wedding easier and less hassle.

When to Create a Wedding Website

According to MagnetStreet, purveyors of fine wedding stationary, you should make your website at least a year before the date. Which makes sense, because you can use your wedding website as a place to keep your guests up to date with changes.

Basically, when you create a wedding website, once you pick a date, make your website. You want to do this as early as possible, because your website can compliment your save-the-date and invitation cards.

You can use your website to contact people quickly, or if you don’t have someone’s mailing address. While it’s not as classy as a nice invitation, people can’t lose a website. Send them an invitation and do a website. You can also use the website to gather email addresses, and use a mailing list manager like Mailchimp (free) to send out well-designed emails to all of your guests.

Get a Catchy Domain

It’s important that you pick a good domain name for your wedding website. You want to pick something people are going to remember, like your names. An example would be MyahAndJulian.com. Many domain names are already taken, but if you use your names, odds are low someone else already reserved it. You can do a search for a domain name here.


So, when to create a wedding website? The sooner, the better. You can use it to keep your guests up-to-date, share directions to your venue, or post any last minutes changes that inevitably arise.

If you need a guide to help set up your wedding website, check out our complete tutorial (free) for making a website. I would love to see what you make for your wedding, please post it in the comments below, and congratulations!