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Website Quick-Start Pack for a Professional Website

The Lift Website Pack is the best way to get an excellent website, in just 7 days. Perfect for small businesses, artists, and non-profits, or people who need a great website, but without paying the big bucks for a custom website.

Our professional team will create a website for you, and help you make smart decisions to launch your website effectively. We’ll set everything up, all you have to do is load in your content. You don’t have to learn any coding, or fiddle with all the technical details.

The website Boost Starter Pack starts at only $400, 10x cheaper than a custom website. Choose from hundreds of professional pre-built designs, and we’ll set up your website with everything you need to get started.

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Starts at $400

Included in the Lift Website Pack

Expert Coding

We’ll help you pick out a pre-made theme made by professional designers and developers. All themes work great on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Custom Style

Your brand is unique, so your website should be too. We’ll add your logo, and modify the colors and fonts on the website to match your style.

Basic Pages Pack

Using your words, pictures, and video, we’ll make you all the main pages: home, contact, and blog. We’ll even show you how you can add more, so there’s no limit to your creativity. We’ll also add pages for legal compliance, which you can load up with your privacy policy, and other legal stuff.

Get More Visitors

Get in-depth information about your website and visitors using Google Analytics and Search Console. We’ll connect these tools, so you can learn how to make your website faster and more popular.

Hands-On Training

If you’ve never run a WordPress website, don’t worry! Included in your Life Website Pack is a one-hour tutorial, plus how-to tutorial videos. We’ll walk you through how you can make changes on your website, so you’ll feel confident adding your content, making blog posts, and adding new pages.

Custom Email Address

A custom email address like [email protected] will give you a professional look, we’ll set up an email address for you. Note: you’ll need a hosting provider that offers email (most do). We will walk you through hosting if you’re unsure what to do.

Security First

Hackers are getting smarter, so you need a website that outsmarts them. We’ll use modern security design, and install an SSL certificate (the padlock) to ensure your whole website is protected, and your visitors feel safe.

Built to Last

Your new website comes with a 30-day warranty, so you know it will work, or we’ll fix it.

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Get everything above for $400

Booster Packs

Add these optional packs to supercharge your launch


Email Signups Pack


Add an email marketing signup form to your website. Get more people interested in your organization. We’ll add a sign-up form as a popup and on your website. We’ll handle the connection to your email marketing platform, or help you pick one out if you don’t have one yet.


eCommerce Pack


Want to sell products or services on your website? This pack gives you everything you need to sell securely online, with WooCommerce. We’ll set up your store, three payment options, shipping options, and load in up to 10 products or services.

What's NOT Included

The Lift Website Starter Pack is perfect for people who want a simple website that looks great, and they can customize. But, it’s not for everyone. Below is what’s not included:

  • Web hosting and domain names are not included, but can be added on as a booster pack below.
  • We offer lots of free WordPress themes for you to choose from for free. But if you have your heart set on one we don’t offer, you’ll need to purchase it separately.
  • Custom website design and development that are not part of your theme, are not included.
  • Anything not listed in the “Included in the Lift Website Pack” section above is not included.

If you need more from your website than the Lift Pack offers, please reach out for a free quote.


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Lift Website Pack

Get your new website off the ground, in just 7 days. Professional design, secure connection, hands-on training.

Starts at $400

Booster Packs

Choose any of the Booster Packs below to enhance your website, and make life easier.

Lift Website Starter Pack


Take Care of it All

We will add in any customization and pages that you need, and even load in your content for you. Only for websites that can be completed in three weeks.

Sell Course and Content

Share your knowledge with the world, using a secure online platform.

eCommerce Platform Setup

Start off with your own online store, using the most popular platform, WooCommerce.

Move Your Existing Website

Professional migration to a new hosting platform, with a single click.